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We have the high-end gear and local expertise to help you land your striped bass of a lifetime!


Based in Boston, we have easy access from Boston Harbor to some of the finest fishing grounds in New England.



Striped Bass. This legendary and migratory game fish has dragged generations of fishermen out of bed in the middle of the night and brought them to the edge of madness since the birth of this country.

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Flounder. The once abundant flatfish has made a tremendous comeback in recent years and is a terrific light tackle option to introduce children to our fishery. 

Last years cold harsh winter certainly pushed our season back signifcantly but we finished strong and it turned out to be a great year for stripers and tuna. We landed multiple 40+ pound stripers and the tuna season went strong well into November. The great news is this years winter temps will likely spell an early start to our season this year and we expect the mackerel fishery to open up strong sometime in early May.  

Groundfishing on Stellwagon Bank has been lights out for weeks. Big schools of Cod, Haddock and Pollack are currently on top of the bank in only 110' of water. A keeper per drop is not uncommon and limits are being reached in very short periods of time. 

The Mackerel are in and the bass are biting. Bass can be found "outside" as they make their way up the coast. Also, the leftover bass "tight in" absolutely cannot resist a mackerel tossed in their direction. Particularly where brackish meets the salt. Fish to 30" to date.

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We have the local experience and network on the water to find the big fish!


Bluefin Tuna.  The true giant of our local offshore waters. Big, fast, and powerful these elusive predatory fish are highly migratory and visit our area every year after traveling vast distances to feed in our offshore waters.